Cox Employee Relief Fund

Co-workers helping each other when they need it most.

Cox employees often note that their co-workers feel like family. In times of trouble, they can count on work friends. But Cox’s focus on employees takes it even further. Through the Cox Employee Relief Fund (CERF), employees reach out across their extended Cox family to lend a helping hand.

Funded primarily by donations from Cox employees and Cox companies, CERF provides financial assistance to employees facing hardship due to a natural disaster, loss of a family member or severe injury or illness not covered by insurance. The nonprofit organization was established to help Cox employees after Hurricane Katrina. Since then the fund has distributed more than $3 million to more than 1,600 employees.

CERF can help in many different ways:

  • Pay for funeral expenses of family members
  • Provide airfare for specialized medical treatment not available at home
  • Pay a hotel bill after displacement from a storm
  • Build a wheelchair ramp after a serious injury
  • Replace clothes or furniture after a fire

Valerie Motley’s story is just one of many. The sales associate in Phoenix, Arizona, had worked for Cox Communications for two years when remnants of Hurricane Norbert brought widespread flooding to her city.

“We’ve never had that kind of rain before,” said Motley, who could only watch as water quickly soaked her carpet and furniture. An extended power outage meant she lost a month’s worth of groceries in her refrigerator and freezer.

Motley told her supervisor about her troubles, and her manager told Motley about CERF. Two days after she applied for help, Motley had money to help replace her food and damaged furniture. Unfortunately, her troubles didn’t end there. Her landlord refused to replace the carpet, which led to a mosquito infestation. Motley, her husband, their daughter and two Rottweilers found a new rental home, but didn’t have the $400 security deposit.

“Cox turned around and gave us that, too,” Motley said. “That was such a relief. I had no idea that the company had this program – or that Cox would do that for its employees.”

In all, Motley received about $800 and ended up with a home. She is thankful that CERF and her extended Cox family helped make it happen.