Investing in Our People

We also know that a successful workplace is an engaged workplace. To be the best, we have to attract, retain and reward the best. This means being an employer of choice, and that starts with offering competitive compensation and benefits packages for our employees.

Our benefits are designed to help employees meet their health, retirement, living and career needs. Among the features of this package are a comprehensive health and wellness program, as well as retirement and savings benefits. Additionally, we recognize that our employees need to maintain a healthy work/life balance. From generous vacation packages to time-off options that help manage the unexpected, our approach to workplace benefits and policies is one designed to manage the day-to-day demands of life.

With this in mind, we introduced our “Know Your Numbers” program four years ago to help employees understand and improve their financial and physical health in a meaningful way. For retirement, Know Your Numbers provides a personal readiness statement to eligible Cox employees that shows if they are on target for a comfortable retirement. On the health side of the equation, Know Your Numbers provides actionable data through free annual screenings to improve health while helping control costs. Our healthy workplace initiatives also include numerous personal coaching, weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

With multiple, innovative divisions spanning a wide array of industries, Cox encourages its employees to build long, successful careers with the company by thinking across the entire enterprise – not just in the neighborhood of their current job.

Cox recently launched Compass, a new development and management resource to help guide employees on their career journey. With Compass, employees can explore new opportunities, build additional skills and accomplish new goals. Compass helps employees focus more strategically on our future and answer these big questions: Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? Through career development programs and a commitment to ongoing training and hiring from within, our employees help define their own career path.