Cox Giving


One of the Cox Foundation’s priorities is to make high-quality, reliable health care more accessible for those from underserved communities, and to improve the patient experience for all seeking treatment. Care is only as good as the administrative processes that enable it, the facilities in which a patient is seen, and the technology and resources to which physicians have access. Over the past two years, we have made strategic gifts that focus on helping improve the patient experience and standards of care.

A Dose of Their Own Medicine

Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital

Doctors and nurses spend long hours helping their patients get healthy. But with tight schedules and limited access to workout facilities, many have trouble following their own advice regarding regular exercise.

The Cox Foundation, in partnership with Jim Kennedy, altered that paradigm with a $2.5 million gift for the construction of the James C. Kennedy Fitness Center at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital. The hospital’s 3,000 physicians, nurses and staff will have free, 24/7 access to the facility, which will offer cardio and strength machines, a yoga/mindfulness area and other programs. Expected to open in summer 2017, the fitness center will help caregivers live healthier – so they can help their patients do the same.

Providing Essential Care

Mercy Care Foundation

Mercy Care Services, formerly known as St. Joseph’s Mercy Care, operates 14 fixed and mobile health clinics, providing primary health care, behavioral health, oral health care, vision care, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment to low-income individuals.

In 2015, demand at the Mercy Care North facility in Atlanta had exceeded its capacity, and the organization needed help of its own. A $350,000 gift from the Cox Foundation is enabling Mercy Care to more than triple its current service capacity, with new capabilities and programs that will benefit some of the area’s poorest and most marginalized residents. The gift was part of a capital campaign for the building’s construction.

Improving Care, Increasing Understanding

Marcus Autism Center

Autism diagnoses continue to increase across the country. And as specialists are beginning to discover, early detection of the disorder is crucial to optimal patient outcomes. The Cox Foundation made a $1.5 million gift to the Marcus Autism Center to expand early intervention and treatment services, reduce the waiting periods for appointments and services, and advance early detection research.