The James M. Cox Foundation

The James M. Cox Foundation provides philanthropic support for nonprofit organizations in communities where Cox Enterprises and its subsidiaries do business. The Foundation makes gifts primarily through capital campaigns, such as for building construction and renovation; and for special projects, such as program expansion or capacity-building. Over the past five-year period, Foundation charitable grants totaled more than $75 million.

Our 2015 and 2016 grants varied in size and scope, but build upon and reinforce one another in many ways. In several instances, we are investing in local models that are being scaled at the state and national levels for broader impact across Cox markets.

The Foundation concentrates its community support in several priority areas:

Through our investments and support of early childhood education, we’ve been a part of exciting improvements that are changing the lives of children across the nation.

One of the Cox Foundation’s priorities is to make high-quality, reliable health care more accessible for those from underserved communities, and to improve the patient experience for all seeking treatment.

Our philanthropic efforts in support of conservation and environmental priorities extend far and wide – and into some unexpected areas.

The Cox Foundation makes grants to support community-based efforts to address basic human needs, with a focus on strategies that provide people the tools and skills they need to become self-sufficient.

$23,398,608 Total Grants Paid in 2016
$19,594,810 Total Grants Paid in 2015
$75,021,226 Total Grants 2012-2016