American Rivers

More than 3.5 million miles of rivers flow through our nation, inviting us to fish, swim or leisurely paddle a canoe. We rely on rivers for water, and we couldn’t get through a day without the water we take for granted when we step into the shower or turn on the coffee maker.

That’s why we decided to partner with American Rivers to make our rivers and streams safer for drinking water and for recreation. We’re working with them to ensure clean water, revitalize fish and wildlife habitats, improve flood protection, stop polluted runoff and sewage spills, and leave a legacy of healthy rivers.

Our partnership deploys Cox employees to help clean up waterways around the country. They’ve pulled on their rubber gloves and participated in annual National River Cleanups® across the country. So far, our volunteers have removed more than 16 tons of debris from rivers and riverbanks in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.