Conserving a
Precious Resource

Water scarcity is one of our planet’s most pressing concerns. At Cox, we’re striving to be part of the solution by implementing initiatives that, to date, are saving 32 million gallons of water annually, as well as returning high-quality, reusable water to the community.

This effort begins with our vehicle remarketing company, Manheim, which uses water daily at its large reconditioning facilities. In 2007, Manheim opened its first Water Conservation Center in Manheim, Pennsylvania. The facility uses a four-step process that takes runoff water through a bioreactor tank, filtration and reverse-osmosis membranes to improve its quality to better than its original state.

During an historic regional drought in 2008, Manheim Georgia opened our second Water Conservation Center in Atlanta. Today, the Center is saving approximately 2 million gallons of water each year, reducing daily water demand by reusing 60 percent of treated water and returning the remaining 40 percent to the community.

Also at our Georgia facility is one of the state’s largest solar thermal hot water installations, which supplies hot water to Manheim’s auto detailing operation. The installation features 40 solar thermal collectors, stores 2,000 gallons of hot water and offsets more than 300-million BTUs of energy every year with clean, renewable solar energy. This system reduces annual energy costs and environmental impact by more than 50 percent. In addition, we installed our first rainwater harvest system in 2014. This system, placed at Manheim Georgia, has saved nearly 400,000 gallons to date and is projected to save, conservatively, about 800,000 gallons per year.