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Engaging with small and medium-sized businesses to strengthen sustainability

Knowledge is power, and that’s especially true when it comes to broadening the impact of sustainability throughout our economy. Organizations and their leaders will increase the scope of their eco-friendly activities if they are educated about the benefits and offered strategies for improvement. Through Cox Conserves, we are embracing our role as a catalyst for change by educating our business partners about the opportunities to strengthen their organizations through sustainability.

Hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are Cox customers and suppliers and, collectively, their decisions about how they run their businesses have a major impact on our nation’s environmental performance. In 2014, we launched an inaugural nationwide survey of SMB leaders to better understand the opportunities for improvement and the obstacles to success.

Among the key research findings of the Cox Conserves Sustainability Survey: Nearly two-thirds of SMB leaders are committed to increasing their sustainability activities and more than half are unsatisfied with their current efforts. Yet the study also found that many decision-makers delay implementing sustainability initiatives because of up-front costs and a perception of low demand among their customers for these improvements.

We will leverage these insights and many others at our annual Sustainability Summit, which attracts 100 suppliers representing billions of dollars in products and services. The Summit is an important forum to share best practices and to underscore the substantial ROI benefits of a smart, comprehensive sustainability program. From paperless billing to virtual meetings to more energy-efficient facilities and equipment, there are abundant opportunities to drive eco-efficiency and attract and retain more customers — all while strengthening bottom-line performance. Read more about our summit.