Cox Conserves

Carbon Reduction

Cox understands that the most essential way to operate in an environmentally responsible manner is to limit our consumption of carbon-based sources of energy. That’s why we’ve committed to make our business carbon neutral by 2044. It’s a big challenge, but we believe we can accomplish that goal by undertaking comprehensive efficiency measures both big and small – from installing more energy-efficient fixtures in our facilities to practicing smarter management of our vehicle fleet.

Bright Ideas

Lighting Improvements at Manheim Facilities

How much of a sustainable difference can lighting make? Manheim locations across the country have discovered that if you replace thousands of fixtures and bulbs with more efficient alternatives, the impact can be quite significant. Lighting makes up a substantial portion of our buildings’ electricity demand, so improving efficiency pays off for the environment and reduces operational costs.

Our lighting improvements fall into two main categories. First is replacing older fixtures with more efficient ones, as we’ve done at multiple Manheim facilities, including Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth Auction, Manheim Mountain West Total Resource Auctions, Manheim Pennsylvania and Manheim New York. At these locations, metal halide fixtures have largely been replaced by vapor tight fluorescent lights and LEDs.

If you replace thousands of fixtures and bulbs with more efficient alternatives, the impact can be quite significant.

At Manheim New York, we exchanged medium- and high-wattage metal halide lights in our parking areas with LED fixtures, reducing consumption by more than 1.7 million kWh and resulting in nearly 70 percent energy savings. Based on this accomplishment, the company won the “Highest Absolute Annual Savings in a Retrofit at a Single Parking Area” award given by the Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) campaign.

A second source of improvement: sensors that automatically switch lighting on or off based on usage. A centralized control system at several Manheim locations allows operators to schedule lighting for each section of a parking lot based on activity needs, rather than lighting the entire area. Systems installed at Manheim California Auto Auction, Manheim Baltimore-Washington, Manheim Cincinnati, Manheim Fort Lauderdale and Manheim Mississippi prevent 1,400 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year.

Getting from A to B in a Greener Way

Fleet and Transportation Improvements

Cox Conserves Chairman’s Cup Winner

While ours is not primarily a manufacturing enterprise, the work we do across our businesses to serve customers and inform readers, listeners and viewers requires an extensive vehicle fleet. In fact, with more than 13,000 vehicles in the field, we have one of the nation’s largest corporate fleets. Recognizing that transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, we employ electric vehicles, fuel-efficient models and hybrids to reduce our footprint. When Cox Enterprises’ Fleet Department sourced new vehicles in 2016, they researched the latest fuel-efficiency technologies available from auto manufacturers. The team identified 491 new vehicles for Cox Communications and Autotrader that increase safety and decrease emissions by a combined 217 tons per year.

Reduce travel and lower engine idle time, benefits that result in savings of 1 million gallons for fuel.

The installation of GPS systems in some 5,000 vehicles allows us to reduce travel and lower engine idle time, benefits that result in savings of 1 million gallons of fuel. It’s the kind of initiative that helped us to be named one of the nation’s Top 50 Green Fleets by Automotive Fleet magazine. Today, we are continuing our work to assess the environmental efficiency of our fleet and identify new opportunities to reduce emissions while saving costs.

Fuel-efficient vehicles decrease emissions by
217 tons per year.

We also encourage our employees to make greener transportation choices. At Cox Enterprises’ corporate headquarters, we subsidize travel by public transit, transporting employees from stations to our office building via shuttle; we provide bicycle racks, electric vehicle charging stations and preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles; and we encourage employees to carpool.

Through our Borrow-A-Hybrid program, we allow employees to “check out” cars during the day to run errands or attend offsite meetings. We’ve also created a no-idle zone at our loading dock.

Constructing Better Buildings

Atlanta Offices Achieve LEED Gold Status

Our employees spend many hours inside our buildings, so we believe they should not only be productive and pleasant places to work – they should also reflect our values.

Cox’s corporate headquarters achieved LEED Gold certification for implementing practical and measurable solutions aimed at conservation in the following areas:

  • Energy conservation, through a parking deck solar canopy, high-efficiency HVAC system and efficient light fixtures
  • Water conservation, by recycling groundwater and rainwater for cooling towers, using water-efficient food service equipment and installing low-flow toilets and faucets
  • Waste management, with recycling and composting vessels throughout the building and more than 95 percent of construction waste recycled or diverted from landfills
  • Eco-friendly transportation, including a continuous shuttle service for employees and incentives for green transportation

Small Changes Lead to Big Savings

Cox Conserves Chairman’s Cup Winner

Conservation isn’t always about big, sweeping initiatives. It can also take the form of small changes, like installing more efficient lighting in our TV studios and replacing old boilers with improved HVAC units that automatically shut down during off hours. Cox’s business units are making improvements like these on an ongoing basis.

Cox Enterprises’ Legal and Records Coordinator Community in Atlanta took action to drive sustainability when they provided new record management guidelines and tools that encouraged employees to make better use of both electronic and hard-copy records. Their efforts yielded 172 kWh in energy savings, more than 200,000 gallons of water saved, 94 tons of waste diverted from landfills and 486 trees preserved.


Helping to Lead an Industry-wide Initiative with Big Consumer Benefits

Cox Communications was a signatory to a groundbreaking voluntary agreement to improve the energy efficiency of set-top boxes – the video receivers that provide access to TV content in tens of millions of American homes. These design improvements, which collectively cut energy use in 90 million U.S. households, have improved digital receivers’ efficiency by 10 to 45 percent. The U.S. Department of Energy notes a nationwide benefit from the voluntary industry agreement: their estimates indicate it is now saving consumers more than $1 billion per year on their energy bills and saves enough energy annually to power 700,000 homes.

Design improvements
cut energy use in
90 million
U.S. households

Award-Winning Performance

We promote sustainability and conservation, not to win awards, but because it’s the right thing to do for our company and our stakeholders. Nevertheless, we’re gratified to earn recognition for our efforts because it is yet another way to magnify our impact and encourage others to take action. Cox Enterprises and Cox Conserves earned the 2015 Argon Award from Southface, the Southeast’s leader in promoting sustainable homes, workplaces and communities. The award is given annually to individuals and organizations who seek innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

The Georgia Recycling Coalition named Cox Enterprises its 2016 Corporate Leader at its annual Spirit of Green Awards, honoring our exemplary waste reduction and recycling programs. Employee engagement is one of our foremost priorities, and the company’s employee volunteer efforts were recognized by EarthShare of Georgia, with their Community Partner Award in 2016.

Past honors include:

  • The Trust for Public Land’s Conservation Champion (Cox Enterprises Chairman Jim Kennedy)
  • Georgia Conservancy’s Distinguished Conservationist of the Year (Cox Enterprises Chairman Jim Kennedy)
  • Oracle’s Top Sustainability Award (Cox Enterprises)
  • Park Pride’s Inspiration Award for Corporate Volunteerism (Cox Enterprises)
  • Automotive Fleet magazine’s Fleet Environmental Leadership Award (Cox Enterprises)