Cox Conserves

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is a clean, cost-efficient way to help meet our energy demand, and Cox Enterprises is ready to lead through investments in innovative, emerging, energy-generation technologies, as well as existing, proven approaches such as utility-scale solar. We have made substantial investments in projects that generate renewable energy, both to power our own operations and to provide clean power to the communities we serve. This is a long-term strategic commitment; our plan is to expand these types of investments going forward.

Bright Promise, Positive Results

“Our new reprocessing facility demonstrates how innovative technology can be leveraged to address some of today’s most difficult environmental challenges.” Eric Holder Golden Isles Conservation
Center General Manager

In addition to our external investments in new solar capacity, Cox has a continuing and growing commitment to renewable projects within our own operational footprint. Las Vegas is one of the sunniest cities in the U.S. – and investing in solar energy there makes perfect business and environmental sense. In summer 2016, we completed new ground mount solar projects at the Cox Communications facility in Las Vegas and the Manheim Nevada facility in North Las Vegas. Combined, the solar installations annually prevent more than 1,700 tons of carbon from entering the environment. The installations produce 1,523 kW of clean energy, enough to power 238 homes.

The Cox Communications project, located at the company's Las Vegas data center, will supply 65 percent of the building’s energy needs, while the Manheim project will supply 62 percent of that facility’s demand.

Our commitment to renewables also results in some unexpected applications. The Manheim Georgia facility is home to one of the state’s largest solar thermal hot water installations, which supplies hot water to Manheim’s auto detailing operation. The installation features 40 solar thermal collectors, stores 2,000 gallons of hot water and offsets more than 300 million BTUs of energy every year with solar energy.