2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Actions Speak

When Shawn Redfield, a Cox Conserves Hero, connects people to the natural environment along the Arizona Trail.


“If you put a pack on your back and spend a week on the trail with no outside input, you come to rely on yourself a lot more than before you started. The trail requires constant care and maintenance, and I really enjoy helping protect it.”

Shawn Redfield

Actions Speak

When nearly 300 Cox employees come together to remove nearly 1,000 pounds of waste from an endangered seashore along the California Coast.

“Cox employees make a huge difference in their communities by participating in coastal cleanups, and by helping Ocean Conservancy educate others on the need to tackle the problem of ocean trash.”

Andreas Merkl

CEO, Ocean Conservancy

Actions Speak

When a Cox Foundation grant helps transform the experience of cancer patients at Emory University Hospital.

“This generous gift from the Cox Foundation will translate some of our most successful initiatives across key clinical areas and accelerate our ability to deliver the highest quality health care.”

Dr. Christian Larsen

Dean, Emory University
School of Medicine

Actions Speak

When the wife of a Cox employee faces a severe medical crisis and the Cox Employee Relief Fund enables her family to travel to the Mayo Clinic to provide support during her treatment.

“We feel thankful and blessed. It’s a great company. We didn’t know the magnitude of help that was available.”

Bob & Illina Leff

Cox Employee Relief Fund Recipients

Actions Speak

When we introduce an entirely new waste management technology to the U.S. for closed-loop reprocessing of 80,000 tires a year.

“Our new reprocessing facility demonstrates how innovative technology can be leveraged to address some of today’s most difficult environmental challenges.”

Eric Holder

Golden Isles Conservation
Center General Manager

Actions Speak

When we work to create a nonprofit to unite the local food movement so thousands of Atlanta families can have access to healthy, fresh, locally grown produce.

“To have Food Well Alliance invest in this project is a breath of fresh air as an entrepreneur. It truly allows us to strengthen Atlanta’s food movement collectively.”

Yasmeen Sabir

Local Food Entrepreneur and Grant Recipient

At Cox Enterprises we believe we’re defined by our actions, not our intentions. Over the last two years we’ve made important progress against our social responsibility objectives by remaining true to our beliefs and by acting boldly – to give back to our communities, take care of one another and serve as good stewards of our natural environment.

Actions Speak